West Hollywood Moves To Ban Commercial Displays Of Exotic Animals

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Similarly, Daniel Craig might enter the $20 million club when he reteams with director Sam Mendes for another James Bond thriller — roughly $3 million more than he received for Skyfall — and even he is now 45. And like all franchise stars, his fee plummets when he isn’t playing Bond, to the $5 million range. When his reps sought a significant pay bump for a Girl With the Dragon Tattoo sequel following Skyfall, Sony balked, and the project languishes. Proven genre, more than anything else, has become the determining factor in pay for both the established set and rising stars. Jennifer Aniston can earn $5 million — but only in a comedy –after hitting big unexpectedly with We’re the Millers. Rachel McAdams also can earn up to $5 million but solely in her proven genre — weepy tearjerkers like The Vow. She did not come close to that range for an untitled Cameron Crowe project at Sony. Dwayne Johnson makes $15 million for action films thanks to having three such movies open at No. 1 in the span of two months this year: G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Pain and Gain and Fast & Furious 6. (He’ll receive $12 million for his next vehicle, the upcoming Brett Ratner-directed Hercules.) “You will not see him do another Tooth Fairy anytime soon,” says a source. “He got in trouble trying to step out of his range.” PHOTOS:Exclusive Portraits of Chris Hemsworth: Superhero Slims Down to Play Formula One Racer Proven genres notwithstanding, the new-generation A-list has yet to muscle this older generation aside, especially when the elders manage to reinvent themselves as successfully as, say, Sandra Bullock, Sylvester Stallone and Downey. Who in recent years could have seen Bullock taking a role first written for a man in the space drama Gravity, the most-talked-about picture at the Toronto Film Festival? Three and a half decades after Rocky, who could have predicted Stallone creating his own starring material and making $15 million for the next Expendables?

In its latest effort, the City Council on Monday will consider an ordinance that would ban commercial displays and performances involving wild and exotic animals. The proposed ordinance, initiated by council members Jeffrey Prang and John Duran, is “intended to protect wild and exotic animals from cruel and inhumane treatment,” according to city documents. Circus acts, carnival performances, trade shows and parades involving such animals would be included under the ban, as would any event requiring wild animals to do tricks, fight or perform “for the entertainment, amusement or benefit of an audience,” the proposed ordinance states. The ban would not include the display of wild or exotic animals for educational purposes or to groups of 20 or fewer people. A small audience, the documents state, would limit “the potential risk or danger to the public.” The ban also would not apply to film productions with permits because the American Humane Assn. monitors animal welfare in productions, the proposed ordinance says. In a lengthy letter to Prang, Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International, applauded the ordinance and thanked the city for considering it. “We fully support creative entertainment using human performers, but this should not include the use of animals,” Creamer wrote. The measure contains a list of more than two dozen animals that would be considered wild or exotic. Bears and badgers are included. So are kangaroos, giraffes and tapirs.

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A pair of water spouts form on Lake Michigan southeast of Kenosha, Wis. on Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013. The National Weather Service in Sullivan said the water spouts occurred about four miles southeast from Kenosha. A water spout is basically a tornado over water, meteorologist Ed Townsend said. (AP Photo/The Kenosha News, Kevin Poirier)

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Hollywood studio teaches dogs to fly

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Comment Sandra Lollino/AP Megan Blake, Air Hollywood K9 Flight School Program Director, front left, sits with dog Super Smiley, far right, and other puppies from the Canine Companions for Independence during a flight simulation at the America’s Family Pet Expo at the Orange County Fair Grounds in Costa Mesa, Calif. Related Stories Animal groups target wild cat colonies for sterilization LOS ANGELES For $349, your dog can learn to fly. Security checks and bumpy air are all in a days training at a Hollywood film studio to prepare your dog for a safe and calm flight. The Air Hollywood class is billed as the first in a real fuselage on a sound stage with a simulator that mimics takeoff, turbulence and landing. Hollywood extras create crowds and chaos that come with terminals, luggage carts and the blare announcing arrivals, delays and departures. The idea was the brainchild of Talaat Captan, president and CEO of Air Hollywood, the worlds largest aviation-themed film studio, who noticed a dog owner having a rough go getting a pooch through airport security. The owner was stressed out and the dog was freaking out, Captan said. I figured, Why dont I train those people? He hired his friend and former actress, Megan Blake, to write a program and teach the class with three other instructors and her dog Super Smiley. An animal trainer and lifestyle coach, Blake also has a psychology degree from Georgia State University. With more dogs racking up air miles these days, it makes sense to take obedience school to a new level, said Heidi Heubner, who directs volunteers, including airport therapy dogs, at Los Angeles World Airport. RELATED: AIRPORT DOGS DE-STRESS TRAVELERS Matt Souder/AP Members and volunteers from Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB) take a K9 flight class and experience airport distractions during a simulated airport security check in at the Air Hollywoof K9 school in Los Angeles.