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Experts: Cable TV has taken the place of the mid-budget movies studios abandoned

Those days are long gone as TV shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Mad Men” offer actors the meatiest roles of their careers plus a steady paycheck, and actors and experts we talked to say the change is all the big movie studios’ fault. The scope and output of the film industry has contracted. Stars can hope to get cast as part of a hugely budgeted studio franchise, or agree to work economically in indie films, television writer Xaque Gruber told FOX411. But the middle-budgeted movies that were the meat-and-potatoes of many earlier generations have been rapidly vanishing. Television — especially cable television has taken the place of those mid-budget serious movies Hollywood now largely avoids. Also, on cable, many of the creative restrictions that bound network shows for generations have been removed, making many shows play more like serialized films. Claire Danes, who acted in big budget movies like Romeo and Juliet and Little Women, is now winning accolades for her work in Showtimes Homeland. For this years Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Emmy, shes up against fellow film veteran turned House of Cards star Robin Wright and Scandal sensation Kerry Washington, also previously known for her movie work. In fact, the list of 2013 Emmy nominees is full of movie-turned-TV stars, including Kevin Spacey, Jeff Daniels, Laura Dern, and Bryan Cranston. In this day and age, most of the (movie) scripts are so s**ty and superficial, Oscar nominee Melanie Griffith , told uslast month. Two-time Oscar winner turned star of the FX series American Horror Story: Asylum, Jessica Lange said the best writing no is for television, while film has morphed into something else. Former movie star turned TV actor Alec Baldwin told the Guardian that cable TV is the bastion of great acting now and that the motion-picture business is more and more abandoning serious acting to television. Plus TV has something else going for it: social media. Twitter and Facebook dont light up about a tentpole blockbuster like X-Men the way they do over an episode of Game of Thrones. Audiences follow and comment on the characters in their favorite weekly series much more than they do about a movie in which they invested just a couple of hours at the local multiplex. And with mid-budget films that pay well now few and far between, a quality weekly cable series gives actors who arent in blockbusters the money they cant get from working in indie films. For example, Michael C. Hall made $350,000 per episode of Dexter. Mad Men star Jon Hamm pockets $275,000 per episode, as do True Blood sensations Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard. Actors on network shows can make even more.

The Long List of Successful Action Movies Starring Women

The Long List of Successful Action Movies Starring Women

Selections of Ghanaian movies to be screened during the one week period include, Perfect Picture, 6 hours to Christmas, Cheaters, Love Brewed in the African Pot, Heritage Africa, and Gold Old Days. Acting General Manager of Ghana, Nosisa Mazibuko Doe in an exclusive interview shared the motive behind this unique initiative. She said As a television station that stands for the culture and heritage of Ghana, it is our greatest objective to celebrate and promote the rich talents springing from the populace. We are committed to promoting Ghana through quality entertainment, arts, and culture. This is a great opportunity for us to look back at how it all started and how far we have come today in our movie industry; the evolution of movies made in Ghana is much greater and exciting. I would use this opportunity to welcome everyone who believes in products and services of Ghanaian origin to join us in our series of activations both on-air and off-air as we embrace, celebrate, and devise ways to increase patronage among ourselves and promoting our local industries internationally. In addition to this, e.TV Ghana will show a Ghanaian movie every Sunday at 9pm on the station throughout the month. Priscilla Gyamfi, Marketing executive of Silverbird noted that we are pleased to join e.TV Ghana in their celebration of made in Ghana products and services, especially, joining hands to give Ghanaian movies a certain level of exposure to our customers in our cinemas. I will also urge all to make the effort to visit our cinemas during the period for an amazing experience. The cost per Ghanaian movie screening at Silverbird during the period is. The week-long screening is one of several activities scheduled for the Made in Ghana month celebrations in September. Other activities to be held in the month include expose on Ghanaian companies and Ghanaian fashion and food.

(SeeNew Years Eve, Valentines Day,uhhArbor Day.Did they make anArbor Dayyet?) But its just harder to make movies now if there isnt a star attached to the film. For example: an 00s attempt at a sports movie wasKicking and Screamingwith Will Ferrell. By hiring Will Ferrell, however, the movie needed to be about Will Ferrell, because he was the star and the movie needed to be about him. Thus, a potentially great ensemble movie about kids soccer turned into Will Ferrell and Robert Duvall making jokes with Mike Ditka. It was fair, but who knows what the movie could have been if they didnt have to cast (and then give plenty of screen time to) these big stars. Sometimes this star-vehicle thing works. The Blind Sidewas a star vehicle for Sandra Bullock but she knocked it out of the park and it was a great movie, even if it was more of a tearjerker than a pure sports movie.A similar thing happened inHardball, which somehow was a good-to-very-good sports movie, even though it was a star vehicle for Keanu Reeves and in some scenes you can actually see him reading the cue cards. 9. Likewise, movies need to beabout somethingnow Sports movies cant just be sports movies anymore. They need to have amessage.Moneyballwasnt about baseball, it was about independent thinking and making us see what Brad Pitt would look like with a derpy haircut.The Blind Sidewas about charity and family and race, much more so than it was about football. This makes for some good-to-great movies, but theyre more good movies that happen to be about sports, as opposed to good sports movies. Does that make sense?

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Also, we left out animated films, and foreign films because it’s harder to judge the success or failure of movies made overseas. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider The lackluster sequel pretty much bombed, but the first movie was a bona fide hit, making $275 million (in 2001 dollars) on a budget of just $115 million. And they’re talking about doing a new Tomb Raider film now, which should tell you something. S The Resident Evil Movies Another video game franchise and the fact that they’re up to the sixth movie in the series ought to tell you something. The last one was horrible, but it was made for just $60 million and grossed nearly $300 million worldwide. (Although it barely made back its budget domestically.) The earlier films in the series did about similarly well domestically, but this series is actually getting more popular worldwide. S The Underworld Movies These have generally made a pretty healthy profit, too, although the most recent one underperformed domestically. Like Resident Evil, this is a medium-budgeted series that seems to do well enough around the world to justify cranking out one every few years. S Salt Angelina Jolie was arguably one of the main selling points of Wanted, although she didn’t star in it. And this James Bond-esque spy thriller, which was written for a male star, made close to three times its budget worldwide. Proving that if you write a movie for a compelling action hero and then cast a woman rather than write for a “female action hero” you can do really well. S The Hunger Games And then there’s one of the 800-pound gorillas in the room.