Scarce Food Contributing To Global Unrest: Column


Providence Regina House food bank in South Park feeds hundreds of families. Not only did they break the lock off, there was a padlock here but they broke the whole mechanism, said Paige Collins, Providence Regina House manager. Between 15 and 17 bins of food were taken the night before the food banks busiest distribution day. On Saturday, hundreds of families lined up around the block for food baskets. About 550 families or up to 3,000 people are served each week. Its a total bummer, said Collins. According to Collins, the stealer is no stranger. Its believed he’s a client. The man is in his early 20s was spotted trying to sell the stolen meat at a bus stop the night of the robbery. It hurts your feelings at the same time, and it sucks youre like oh I feed him. Its so wrong, said Collins. Its like robbing from all of the community, from everybody, said Rocio Camacho, who receives assistance from the food bank. News of the theft is upsetting to other clients. Id punch him and maybe run away. I dont know what he looks like but Id do something, said Camacho.

Food Stamp Fliers Threaten To Name People On Government Benefits

Most of their concerns will be more immediate, of course. They’ll examine the evidence purporting to show that the regime of Syrian strongman Bashar Al-Assad used chemical weapons. They’ll also debate the likely consequences of military action: Will it prevent future attacks? Will it empower a rebel movement of Muslim extremists? Will it start a wider regional conflict? Reasonable people can disagree. Whatever Congress decides, however, we should remember a fact that is beyond dispute: food security is an essential part of national security. Syria’s unrest has many sources, and one of them is food. Nearly three years ago, Tunisian authorities seized the fruits and vegetables of Mohamed Bouazizi , a street vendor, apparently because he refused to pay bribes to local officials. Outraged by the injustice, Bouazizi went to his governor’s office and shouted , “How do you expect me to make a living?” Then he lit himself on fire and sparked a momentous wave of protests throughout the Middle East, sometimes called the ” Arab Spring .” Within days of Bouazizi’s death, people across Tunisia assembled to complain about food inflation, lousy living conditions, and restrictions on political freedom. Soon they chased Tunisia’s president from office. The turmoil then spread to Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Next it reached Syria, where more than 140,000 people have died since a civil war broke out more than two years ago. When you’re hungry, you’ll do desperate things to feed yourself. When your kids are hungry, however, you’ll do anything to feed them.

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