Pink Floyd Reunion Hope, Ignite Festival: London Weekend

‘Pink Slime’ Ground Beef Product Returns To School Lunches In 4 States: Report

The oval D-color Flawless Type IIa stone, the largest of its type to appear at auction, will be sold by Sothebys (BID) on Oct. 7 as part of its 40th-anniversary events in Asia . Only four other white diamonds of this quality weighing more than 100 carats have appeared at public sales, the New York-based company said. The worlds biggest round fancy vivid blue diamond, called The Premier Blue and weighing 7.59 carats, carries a minimum valuation of $19 million at the same Hong Kong auction. Rare gemstones are both status symbols and hedges against volatility in the financial markets, and their prices are rising. Colored stones, which account for about 0.01 percent of mined diamonds, command the highest price per carat. Here is a list of the worlds five most expensive diamonds sold at auction. All prices include auction house fees. 1. The Graff Pink Sale price: $45.6 million, 45.4 million Swiss francs. Description: A 24.78-carat round-cornered rectangular step-cut Fancy Intense pink diamond. Auction house: Sothebys, Geneva, Nov. 15, 2010.

Information: or +44-20-3189-4850. Gymkhana, which opened this week in Mayfair, is a modern interpretation of the sports clubs created by the British in colonial India . Its an offshoot of Trishna, the Michelin-starred Indian seafood restaurant in Marylebone. Information: or +44-20-3011-5900. VISUAL ARTS He was Sudan s undersecretary for culture in the mid-1970s, then spent six months and eight days in prison without charge. Now 83, artist Ibrahim El-Salahi is the toast of Tate Modern — and the first African artist to get a retrospective there. The 100 works on show blend calligraphy and geometric motifs with Modernism and Surrealism, highlighting the many long years that El-Salahi has spent living in the West. The exhibition ends Sept. 22 at Tate Modern. Information: or +44-20-7887-8888. MUSIC Pink Floyd fans will be hoping for a reunion of sorts as Roger Waters plays The Wall at Wembley Stadium Saturday. His former band mates David Gilmour and Nick Mason have joined on previous London dates. With or without his colleagues, the 70-year-old puts on one of rocks more spectacular shows, with a flying pig and the destruction of an enormous wall. Leonard Cohen needs no props and brings his understated show to the 02 Sunday with excellent songs such as Suzanne. , A monthlong festival, Amy 30, is marking what would have been the 30th birthday of singer Amy Winehouse on Sept.

Haute, not homespun, featured at Ann Arbor’s Pink Castle Fabrics store for quilt makers

E. Coli Picnic Outbreak Kills 1, Sickens 75 An E. coli outbreak in July traced to a company picnic in Ohio is responsible for the sickenings of 75 people and the death of one. Lowell Draffen, a 73-year-old former superintendent at several school districts in Ohio, developed developed hemolytic uremic syndrome, a type of kidney failure and passed away. Meatball Manufacturer Recalls 324,700 Pounds Of Meat For Listeria Risk In July, New Jersey-based manufacturer Buona Vita Inc. recalled about 324,700 pounds of frozen, ready-to-eat meat and poultry products, citing a possible listeria contamination. The items included meatballs, chicken and beef patties, and loafs of chicken and beef. Bagged Salad Producer Recalls Products Nationwide For Listeria Risk California lettuce producer River Ranch Fresh Foods voluntarily recalled bags of its salads nationwide in May when some routing testing returned positive for listeria. No illnesses were reported. KFC Order To Pay $8.3 Million To Family Of Salmonella Victim In April, fast food giant KFC was ordered to pay $8.3 million to the family of Monika Samaan, who at age seven contracted a serious case of salmonella after dining at a KFC eatery. The episode left her confined to a wheelchair with serious brain damage. Mad Cow Disease Confirmed In California Dairy Cow The USDA confirmed in April a case of mad cow disease in a dairy cow found at a California transfer station. The finding sparked widespread panic in the U.S. beef community.

Sales in the store accounted for about 10 percent of business in its first few weeks. Ratliff learned quilting after the birth of her son. But it wasnt traditional quilting. It was an emerging movement called modern quilting that favors vibrant colors, new and stylish prints and patterns that use negative space and solids. Modern quilters also use modern methods: In place of traditional quilting bees, modern quilters gather over the Internet, sending their finished portion of a community quilt through the postal system: Twelve quilters from around the world join together to help make each others quilts, producing one quilt a month. By years end, each participate has his or her own quilt, Ratliff said. But the new mother struggled finding the fabrics she wanted at the four or five local fabric shops. She ordered online, but boyfriend Jason Elliott noticed her quilting habit was growing expensive. To defray costs, Ratliff ordered her fabrics wholesale and sold what she didnt need on Etsy, the on-line bazaar for the arts and crafts. With a professional background in sales and marketing, Ratliff promoted her Etsy site through the blogosphere: Each day, shed read the blogs of 250 sites, plugging Pink Castle along the way. Her Etsy site became so successful she created her own online store. Orders poured in from around the country and around the globe: Australia and New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Canada placed large orders. More than half of her sales come from overseas, Ratliff said. More than a year ago, Elliott quit his job with a software company to join the company.