One Direction’s Rockin’ Bus Debuts In ‘this Is Us’

“Lee Daniels’ The Butler” was #1 for the third time once all of the receipts were counted across the four-day weekend. “This Is Us” opened on Thursday night and collected an estimated $18 million through Labor Day, while “The Butler” grabbed another $20 million for a $79.3 million total. “Getaway” and “Closed Circuit” both flopped while the Spanish-language “Instructions Not Included” did better than expected. The box-office haul of “This Is Us” was certainly still a victory for Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry. While the Directioners who flocked to see the 3-D documentary (65 percent of whom were under 17 and 85 percent of whom were female) didn’t outnumber the Beliebers who gave “Never Say Never” a nearly $30 million debut, “This Is Us” managed to beat the recent documentaries from Katy Perry and the Jonas Brothers. Considering the fact that audiences who saw “This Is Us” gave it a CinemaScore of “A” and that it contributed to the biggest overall Labor Day weekend gross in history, it’s safe to say Sony Pictures’ TriStar brand was happy with the fruits of “Super Size Me” director Morgan Spurlock’s labor especially given that $10 million budget. “We’re the Millers” came in third with $14.9 million across the four-day weekend, putting the new comedy from “Horrible Bosses” co-stars Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston at $112.9 million. Disney’s “Cars” spinoff “Planes” was #4 with $10.6 million in its fourth week for a domestic total of $73.6 million. “Instructions Not Included” managed to crack the top five with a $10 million debut despite playing at less than 350 locations; by comparison, “The Butler” was in 3330. The Los Angeles Times called it a “sweet, funny and poignant comedy.” One of the worst-reviewed films of the year, “Getaway,” was in over 2100 theaters and made a lousy $5.5 million. “Closed Circuit” has made $3 million since opening on Wednesday in 870 theaters.

The 39-year-old designer was seen wearing a 495 Burberry Prorsum heart-print shirt at New York’s JFK airport on Monday – just days after Harry sported a 350 mens’ blue version of the shirt to the One Direction This Is Us premiere in London. Pipped to the fashion post: Victoria Beckham was seen at New York’s JFK airport on Monday wearing a heart-print 495 Burberry Prorsum shirt He had it first! Victoria’s shirt is strikingly similar to the 350 Burberry shirt Harry wore to the One Direction movie premiere earlier this month Victoria paired her heart-print Burberry blouse with ultra-tight bootcut jeans as she carried her two-year-old daughter Harper through the terminal. The former Spice Girls star has long been a fan of the cute print, having tweeted a picture of herself wearing the shirt and matching knickers during a fashion shoot for photographer Ellen von Unwerth back in May. Harry, meanwhile, paired his blue shirt with black super-skinny jeans and a smart blazer as he attended the world premiere of the band’s first movie last week. Super fan: Victoria first wore the shirt with matching knickers in a Twitter picture during a fashion shoot back in May Elle Fanning on the cover of Miss Vogue Australia Original: Karlie Kloss wore the shirt on the runway during London Fashion Week in February But Victoria and Harry aren’t the only celebrity fans of the Burberry print, as Elle Fanning was also seen wearing exactly the same shirt as Posh for a recent shoot in Miss Vogue Australia. A VERY happy birthday! Romeo Beckham sees Arsenal beat Tottenham Hotspur at the Emirates with dad David and brothers The shirt was originally sported on the catwalk by statuesque model Karlie Kloss during London Fashion Week in February. Mother-of-four Victoria is sure to be doing everything she can to ensure she is fashion-forward as attends Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, which runs September 5-12. Victoria’s trip to New York comes soon after the entire Beckham clan returned to their native England on Saturday. David was last seen Sunday taking their three sons – Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 11, and Cruz, 8 – to a soccer match between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. Victoria and David, who wed in 1999, recently returned from a sunny holiday in Los Angeles with their children. The doting parents have admitted that they are strong disciplinarians concerned with teaching their kids good manners.

Who knew Harry Styles was such a trendsetter? Victoria Beckham takes fashion inspiration from One Direction star in strikingly similar Burberry shirt

Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. Join the Nation’s Conversation To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs One Direction’s rockin’ bus debuts in ‘This is Us’ Bryan Alexander, USA TODAY 8:03 a.m. EDT September 2, 2013 Fans can see how they live in style on the road in their new movie Singers Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne from One Direction attend the “One Direction This Is Us” world premiere (Photo: Ian Gavan Getty Images for Sony Pictures) Story Highlights The boy band has a new movie It features scenes on their tour bus They have separate bedrooms, or pods, and a dining room SHARECONNECT 19 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE If you’re 12-year-old girl, Justin Bieber is ancient history and you are now transfixed on the latest boy band, One Direction. As if they aren’t popular enough — their wax likenesses are now in Madame Tussauds — they have a movie out this weekend starring them and their bus. It’s the feature This Is Us , which came in second at the box office earning $18 million , and the group’s double-decker jumbocruiser bus has a few cameos. They don’t flaunt it. But it looks pretty cool. Each fellow has their own closed sleeping pod to get caught up on shut-eye in between gigs. There’s a front and back lounge with satellite television. “There’s a great little kitchen downstairs,” says director Morgan Spurlock, who traveled with the boys. “It’s this fantastic home away from home. And when you spend as much time on the road they do, you need a place where you can hang your hat.

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The Hollywood Reporter ‘s Justin Lowe notes , “Scenes featuring their predominantly teen female fans are limited to crowd shots and brief sound bites, while any footage revealing smoking, partying or romance has been studiously excluded.” PHOTOS: One Direction’s Take Me Home Tour in Pictures While Lowe calls the scenes of the band performing “fairly standard fare,” he thinks the documentary succeeds in its portrayal of the band members, but that’s largely due to their personalities. “The filmmakers’ intent to depict them as ‘normal guys’ mostly succeeds, primarily due to their not inconsiderable charm,” Lowe writes. The nonconcert footage, featuring the band members cutting up, dodging rabid fans or making promotional footage, doesn’t appear as spontaneous as one might expect. “These confessional ‘unstaged’ moments feel more choreographed than the group’s dance moves,” Entertainment Weekly’s Chris Nashawaty writes . Critics also take issue with director Morgan Spurlock’s surprisingly restrained approach. “Overall, Spurlock plays things incredibly safely compared to his usual irreverent, hang-loose style,” Lowe writes. Nashawaty agrees, writing: “If anyone could have given us an inside look at the guys in the band, it’s a subversive filmmaker like Spurlock. But This Is Us comes off as an impersonal job for hire — a paycheck assignment. Spurlock seems too scared to bite the hands that are feeding him (although he claims he didn’t have final cut).” “Instead, we’re treated to what’s essentially a slick, airbrushed promo reel of a bunch of genuinely sweet superstars who can’t believe their dumb luck,” he adds. “That’s charming. But it’s also a little boring. What it’s most definitely not is a documentary.” STORY: Morgan Spurlock Joins the Supersized World of One Direction for Concert Doc ‘This Is Us’ Time Out London critic Cath Clarke writes , “What’s the opposite of warts-n-all?

Boy George On One Direction: ‘They Are Probably All Bisexual’

I blocked all the band, I couldnt be bothered to hear anything they said but I couldnt help winding up their fans.” George was referencing the backlash he received following a Twitter spat with Payne at the BRIT Awards in February. The 1D member supposedly refused to stop to take a photo with the 52-year-old’s niece. Apparently One Direction fans joined in on the tiff. One tweeted me saying: My mum says youre a horrible old has-been. I tweeted back saying: Your mums probably an old, fat ugly b***h,'” George said. “I was having such a laugh, fighting with One Directions fans all night. I did say some vile things, I had too much sugar. But I really enjoyed it. The odds are one of One Direction must be gay ,” George continued to the Daily Star. “I think everyone is a bit bisexual deep down, so the odds are they are probably all bisexual. Theyre rock stars so its what youd expect, isnt it? Id be disappointed if they werent. Tattoos dont make you butch. Look at me. This is not the first time One Direction’s sexuality has come up. Former NSYNC member Lance Bass previously said “statistically speaking, one probably is [gay] .” Some have even speculated there is something going on between Styles and Tomlinson or Styles and Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw .

‘One Direction: This Is Us’: What the Critics are Saying

So if you happen to find yourself standing in line for One Direction: This Is Us , there are a few things you need to know. Here are five things that will really get the fans fuming: 1. Debate Larry vs. Elounor The first thing you need to know about Directioners is that theyre divided into two camps. There are Larry shippers, who believe bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are in a secret romantic relationship thats being covered up by their handlers (fans claim that Modest! Management wont let them be photographed without the rest of the boys anymore), and there are Elounor shippers, who trust that Tomlinsons real-life relationship with University of Manchester student Eleanor Calder , is, in fact, real. Engage either side about the validity of Larry and youre asking for a heated diatribeor a series of terrifying I will cut you tweets. As youll learn, the boys love lives are not your business unless, of course, youre sure that Louis and Harry are depending on you to expose their secret relationship to the world so they can finally be happy. 2. Say You Love Justin Bieber The second thing you need to know is that Directioners dont like Beliebers. The conflict began (where else?) on Twitter. The Beliebers trended #HitDirectionersWithAShovelDay for no reason explains Holly, a 16-year-old 1D fan from Chicago.