Olivia Wilde Is Avon’s New Celebrity Face

His resume played as a veritable whos who with prior work for Nelson Mandela, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. Most recently, Oosterbroek was on the payroll for Jay-Z as the protector of the famous rapper, his wife Beyonce, and their child Blue Ivy. However, his career fell apart due to sexually deviant behavior which led to his life spinning out of control. Oosterbroek was a skilled professional who must surely have understood the need of always being alert looking for the unexpected. However, he hired a prostitute to service himself while he was on duty protecting the Jay-Zs family in Las Vegas. He also was also photographed using the couples passports in sexual ways. When Jay-Z and Beyonce became apprised of his problems, he was fired . That was certainly a red flag to Oosterbroek to get help. Sexual deviancy is actually very treatable with therapy for such behavior having a 92% success rate. Sadly, Oosterbroek continued his downward spiral and broke into a neighbors mansion naked. Inside the house he assaulted the homeowner and consumed drugs.

Celebrity Business Analyst Responds to Disick Instagram

Actress Olivia Wilde is the new celebrity face of Avon’s 10-year-old Today. Tomorrow. Always. fragrance collection, the company announced in a news release on Tuesday. Livia Firth has launched her first Green Carpet Challenge collection, consisting of ethically made dresses from Christopher Bailey for Burberry, Christopher Kane , Erdem Moralioglu, Roland Moure and Victoria Beckham. Each designer created a gown and a cocktail dress for the collection, which went on sale on Net-a-porter on Tuesday. Net-a-porter reportedly has pledged to donate 20% of sales revenue to a charity that works to prevent the spread of AIDS to children in Africa. [WWD] Rent the Runway , the website that rents out designer dresses and accessories for special occasions, on Tuesday introduced an assortment of plus-size offerings in sizes 14-22 from designers including Badgley Mischka , Monique L’huilier and Adrianna Pappell. At launch, there are more that 40 styles in the RTR Plus collection, the company announced. At London Fashion Week , handbag designer Anya Hindmarch put on a memorable show involving bags suspended from wires being lowered from the ceiling while models flew up from the ground to meet them. [The Cut] Don’t try to wear flip-flops in two parks in San Juan Capistrano. They’ve been banned — but city officials are bewildered about just how the ban came about. [Los Angeles Times] J.

WhoSay Brings Dirt-Free Celebrity News, Created by Celebrities, to Your iPhone (Video)

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Now theyre using that same output to put together what theyre calling a digital magazine. If you download WhoSay to your iPhone, youll see that it looks a whole lot like Twitter and Facebook. Except you cant follow your friends, or the news, or anyone or anything else except famous people. Heres comedian Sarah Silverman, wearing a T-shirt: And heres actress Eva Longoria, hugging Michelle Obama: There will eventually be ads in there, too. Celebrities who contribute stuff to the app will get a piece of that, based on the amount of interest they generate. My hunch is that people who are really interested in Tom Hanks, or Tom Cruise, or Eva Longoria, or other WhoSay participants, want to know everything about their favorite celebrities and not just the stuff the celebrities would like them to know. Which is sort of the premise of every other celebrity-focused media outlet ever. But the WhoSay team, led by entrepreneur Steve Ellis, argue that while there are lots of places to find unofficial celebrity coverage, hell have the market cornered when it comes to celebrity-sanctioned celebrity coverage. He says fans will appreciate the clean and well-lit space he is providing. So, well see. But WhoSay does make plenty of sense from the talents POV: Their faces, bodies and exploits fuel an enormous infotainment industrial complex, and they usually only benefit from this stuff indirectly, at best. Now, in theory, they can control at least part of the output their personalities generate, and maybe even profit from it. Earlier this month, for instance, Silverman posted a tear-jerking memorial for her dog on her WhoSay-hosted blog, then linked that to her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Scary Celebrity Stalker Cases

2006, continued even after Ajemian was asked to stop. Mel Gibson Zack Sinclair, 34, a drifter from Idaho, was sentenced to three years in prison in 2005 for stalking Mel Gibson. Sinclair was arrested in Sept. 2004 after violating a restraining order that banned him from going within 100 yards of Gibson’s Malibu compound where Gibson maintained a residence, children’s school and chapel. “My wife was upset and worried,” he said. “She didn’t want to find him in the living room drinking tea.” Jodie Foster John Hinckley Jr., a 23-year-old who became obsessed with Foster after seeing her in “Taxi Driver,” followed her around Yale’s campus, called her on the phone, and eventually shot president Ronald Reagan and three others in an attempt to impress her. Erin Andrews An Illinois insurance executive, Michael David Barrett, secretly shot nude videos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews in hotel rooms. He was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison for interstate stalking after prosecutors accused him of following the reporter to at least three cities and shooting the videos through hotel peepholes. David Letterman Margaret Mary Ray went in and out of jail for repeatedly stalking David Letterman. She was first arrested while driving Letterman’s Porsche through the Lincoln Tunnel and later for trespassing on his property in New Canaan, Conn., breaking into his house, and trying to reach him by telephone and in person. She later committed suicide in 1998. Taylor Swift Lucas Vorsteveld, 22, was arrested making a round-trip swim from roughly a mile away from Swift’s private beach, to her property and back in May 2013. Paris Hilton Paris has had more than one stalking incident.

Disick, a reality TV celebrity, is best known for his role as one of the Kardashianas romantic interests. One photo simply shows Disick holding on to a thick stack of hundred dollars bills, while another shows those same hundred dollar bills rolled around a toilet paper holder. The rest simply show pictures of either various amounts of money or Disickas impressive jewelry collection. The publication of these pictures elicited many responses from fans, some commenting on the humor present in the pictures, others unhappy with his blatant show of wealth. Celebrity Business Analyst acknowledged Scheffleras questions regarding whether celebrities should make obvious displays of wealth, including ones that might seem disconnected from the common man or wasteful. Though Disickas actions may be seen as in poor taste, it is likely he posted the photos in good humor, without the intent of hurting others. That being said, however, many were quick to point out the potential for good wealthy individualsa money. However, Celebrity Business Analyst notes, regardless of an individualas status as a celebrity , financial decisions are best left to the individual with the money, rather than their fans. Though Disick could have demonstrated greater tact, perhaps, the photos posted to his Instagram were not done so in violation of the siteas photo policies, and were not inherently harmful. For those wishing to see more of Disick and the Kardashians, consider checking with GoDish.com for their upcoming satellite television deals . Amanda Scheffler is a writer for the Examiner, focusing her work and celebrity news and gossip. She identifies herself as an avid adherent to the celebrity news and gossip scene, devoting much of her time to finding new stories to report. She has worked for the Examiner for over 4 years. In the wake of an article discussing the potential flaw of celebrities making grand shows of their wealth, Celebrity Business Analyst stepped in to comment on the public regarding celebrity money as something up for discussion, rather than a private or personal matter. Though some considered reality television star Scott Disickas decision to post pictures of bundles of hundred dollar bills on his Instagram account a poor one, Celebrity Business Analyst encouraged readers to regard such a show of wealth a personal decision rather than an action in need of public action or disgrace.