Nicki Minaj Graces Alexander Wang Nyfw Party With Surprise Performance

Fug Girls: Nicki Minaj Brings the Big Guns to Hervé Léger

The answer is no. No, she would not. Instead, we got Suits’ very lovely Meghan Markle, who we overheard confessing that this was her first fashion week. “It’s surreal, isn’t it?” she laughed, before running down her schedule. Suits mega-fans, she’s going to Marchesa , so start preparing your Harvey/Donna questions now. The rest of the front row felt fairly pedestrian you’ve got your Giuliana Rancic, your Petra Nemcova, your Katie Cassidy until all hell broke loose in the form of Nicki Minaj, her sunglassed and behatted boyfriend, and her two enormous, bald, hair-trigger bodyguards. With all due respect to Nicki, who is quite small and could probably use a little hired muscle, her crew was acting as if they were members of the Secret Service and there was a credible threat to the president … and that president was Nicki Minaj. They yelled at reporters to get out of their faces, manhandled those in their wake, and seemingly came close to decking a member of the press corps who tried to snap a front row photo of Nicki a credentialed photographer, not some looky-loo with a camera phone, and he basically got the equivalent of, “YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME??!” from the more intense of the two bodyguards. (He did not; he retreated to the photo pit.) Eventually, the super rage-y guard retreated (to do a scan of the perimeter, we presume), and the other spent the entirety of the show crouched at the ready just behind Nicki’s shoulder, as did two security guards from the venue, all crammed so tightly into the aisle that, at one point, one of them almost toppled into the runway. Is Nicki Minaj’s life in danger, you guys? And if so, should she be risking it for Herve Leger? As everyone was getting into tactical positions, the PR girl next to us turned to one of her comrades and cheerfully announced, “Well, that was INSANE.” She went on to explain that she’d been one of the people escorting Nicki from her car into the venue, and that Nicki’s fans had been beyond intense, basically losing any semblance of sanity as soon as Nicki appeared. “They were screaming, ‘I live for you, my life’s for you!’ I was like …

Rihanna, Nicki Minaj meet during New York Fashion week: ‘She x Barbie x Wang’

Gather ’round, fair BARBZ, for your queen, Nicki Minaj , has arrived on the New York Fashion Week scene, and she has a *very* important declaration for all her loyal subjects: Fear not the ’90s steez! Bring forth the acid wash jeans! The crop-tops! The logo-emblazed bling! For they are back with a vengeance and her Minajesty doth approve. After taking a seat on the front-row throne at Herve Leger ‘s Spring show earlier in the day, Nicki held court at Alexander Wang ‘s after-party last night and the woman ruled the night in a can’t-be-missed Chanel -plated chain necklace. #LOGOMANIA Minaj, who was a surprise performer at the Pier 17 blow-out, also wore a black, long-sleeved crop-top by Wang himself, her own high-waisted, slashed-up jeans and some seriously sick leopard-print calf hair and suede ankle boots by Giuseppe Zanotti . Minaj was the perfect embodiment of emerging trends for the Spring 2014 seasonWang debuted his highly-anticipated collection on Saturday and showed ’90s street-revival with prominent logo-wear and plenty of pieces that would make Cher Horowitz proud. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj hang out at the Alexander Wang after-party. Photo: @nickiminaj’s instagram Guests (including Rihanna with mullet in full effect and Solange in mixed prints) got graced with a medley of songs from a twerking Minaj, who sang hits like ” Pound the Alarm ,” ” Starships , ” Super Bass ,” and EVEN her infamous verse from Kanye West ‘s “Monster,” all with a pink bedazzled scepter microphone in hand. And you KNOW Wang had to get in on that booty-ful action. The designer twerked and grinded alongside Miss Minaj, who was more than happy to show him the lay of the land in her on-stage kingdom. She came, she rocked, she conquered THE hottest trends.


Fashion of course! The two popular artists were seen meeting up with Alexander Wang at the New York Fashion Week . With dozens of popular fashion designers vying for attention, it appears that Wang had all the right threads at his show to give the two stars reason to stop by and view the catwalk. She x Barbie x Wang #BitchezLoveWang alexanderwangny #NY #PhashionWeek, tweeted Rihanna from her official Twitter account on Sunday. The entertainer posted a picture of the three standing together as proof that everyone really was hanging out and enjoying the fashion. While there never has been any rivalry between Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, the idea that the two stars would be at the same show has fans talking. Nicki Minaj is known for her over the top fashion on stage while Rihanna is known for her threads off stage. Both women are considered fashion icons as they push fashion to the limit to get people talking. Alexander Wang obviously courted two of the biggest stars at the New York Fashion week shows. Since the stars like his designs, there is no surprise that fans will be checking out his fashion vision as well. — Jodi Jill reports direct from Hollywood. Check out her NEW website offering a firsthand look at celebrity news , her published books plus details of upcoming speaking engagements.

Stealing the show! Nicki Minaj struts her stuff as she joins Chris Brown in new video for Love More

Sense of humour: Brown picks funnyman Nick Swardson for a cameo appearance in his video

Sense of humour: Brown picked funnyman Nick Swardson for a cameo appearance in his video Wake up! ‘I just fell asleep,’ Brown complains to his friend, who wakes him up to go to the club ‘Just survivin’ the game. Got my tricks in the bag, my stable!’ Swardson cracks, pointing to the three girls in the back seat. ‘Makin’ it rain. Got $30, cash. Making – it – rain,’ he adds. The song itself finally begins to play as Swardson gets excited: ‘This is the song!’ he yells, oblivious to the fact that it’s Brown’s track. Vroom: Brown brings his Mercedes SUV to the curb outside of the club Try again? Brown and Swardson share an incredibly awkward handshake before they go their separate ways in the club The SUV eventually rolls up to the club, where Brown finally gets an opportunity to show off his signature dance moves. And he doesn’t disappoint, grooving along as a bevy of girls dance on and around him – but he really unleashes his moves after a circle forms around him. ‘We do it like we rock stars / sexing in my hotel room, I be so loud / higher than a smoke cloud,’ Brown sings. Groove on: A group of girls dances in a circle around Brown as he busts a move Minaj makes her appearance in a skintight dress with a blue and gold paisley print, and she strolls down a catwalk as she raps. Brown intercuts her verse with flashes of him dancing with a precisely choreographed crew around him.