New York City Mayor Race 2013: Clintons Bond With Bill De Blasio

From left to right: Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio are shown in this composite image. | AP Photos

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton called de Blasio, the campaign manager on Hillary Clintons 2000 Senate race in New York, to congratulate him on primary night, when he finished at the 40 percent mark over his closest rival, Bill Thompson, whos just over 26 percent. + reset Thompson hasnt conceded, and says he wants every vote counted to see whether he qualifies for a runoff, which would be held Oct. 1. Democrats across the spectrum have urged him to drop out, given that de Blasio is already at the crucial 40 percent mark needed to avoid a runoff. ( PHOTOS: Whos talking about Hillary 2016? ) But according to de Blasio, the Clintons both reached out early. They both offered congratulations, de Blasio said Friday, according to Capital New York . They both offered extraordinarily helpful advice. And we left it at that. Anything in the future has to be worked out in the future. It remains to be seen if either Clinton will campaign for de Blasio. Aides to both Hillary and Bill Clinton didnt respond to emails. But de Blasio insisted to Capital New York that there was no contradiction in Bill Clinton, who has praised Bloomberg as a public health advocate and has generally been positive about him, campaigning for the candidate who rode an anti-Bloomberg message to a first-place primary finish.

Honolulu surpasses New York City for most expensive hotel rooms in US

(LO) and Reynolds American Inc. (RAI) Instead, the panel ordered them to pay $92 million they withheld from the state from their 2003 annual payment. For issuers like Nassau County, this decision will definitely push back the date of a possible default for a good number of years, and may actually allow local issuers to pay 100% of their securitized tobacco debt in full and on time, Larkin said in an e-mail. Herbert J. Sims is based in Iselin, New Jersey . Eight other states won decisions yesterday over the disputed payments, while six lost, Larkin said. Besides New York, three of the winning states — Ohio , Illinois , and Iowa — have issued tobacco bonds, he said. None of the states that lost issued them, he said. Prices on Ohio tobacco bonds maturing in 2034 rose in trading today to about 73 cents on the dollar from 71.5 cents yesterday, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The prices are based on trades ranging from $2.4 million to $5 million. Health Costs The 46-state tobacco settlement in 1998 required the companies to make annual payments to resolve their liability in health-care cost litigation.

New York Tobacco Debt Gets Boost From Arbitrator Ruling

At $230 a night on average, Honolulu has now become the most expensive hotel market in the county, according to Hotel.coms most recent Hotel Price Index report. The report tracked the prices that some 155,000 of the sites users paid for hotel rooms at major destinations around the nation and world. This year, for the first time since the creation of the index report in 2004, Honolulu has surpassed New York City as the most expensive hotel room market in the country. New York City is still close behind with an average nightly rate of $211, but the city experienced only a 2 percent increase in prices last year, as opposed to Honolulu’s whopping 13 percent jump. While Honolulu is the countrys most expensive designated market area (or DMA in industry parlance) to find a hotel, it is not the most expensive city. When evaluating hotel room cost by city, Newport Coast, Calif. blew both Honolulu and New York City out of the water with an average daily rate of $501, which was a 25 percent increase from last year. It turns out the five-star beaches of Newport Coast far surpass Honolulus beaches when it comes to nightly hotel room rates. Overall, hotel prices in North America were three percent higher on average during the first six months of 2013 than they were during the same period last year. And the average price of a hotel room has risen two percent globally, over the same period, with Latin America seeing a whopping seven percent increase.