Madonna Tops Forbes’ List Of Highest-earning Celebrities

Madonna’s Diet Is the Hardest I Have Ever Tried

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Kalamazoo College men’s soccer defeats Madonna in overtime

Madonna has apparently earned a major share of her fortune during the MDNA tour. The earning was also supported by her clothing line, merchandise sales, fragrances as well as wise investments in progressive companies such as Vita Coco. The commercial failure of previous album seems to have no negative influence on her finance. On a financial level, this has been the most profitable year in her entire life. Commons/Ronald Woan Madonna MDNA Tour 2012 at Key Arena in Seattle The second name in the Forbes list is Steven Spielberg. The celebrated producer/director earned $100 million, whereas Simon Cowell, Howard Stern and E.L. James are the other three names who make it to the top 5 list. The top earners of the year also include personalities like Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, Glenn Beck, Lady Gaga and James Patterson. In the MDNA tour, Madonna had 88 performances in 67 cities. The tour earned $300 million to make it the most financially successful concert tour in the year 2012. Forbes states that Madonna, at 55, shows how incredibly powerful a successful career in music can be.

Madonna Beats Spielberg, Simon Cowell & Lady Gaga to Top Highest Earners List

Nothing seems able to stop the Material Girl from acquiring even more material, as singer and performer Madonna ranked at the top of Forbes’ annual list of top-earning celebrities. Forbes estimates that between June 2012 and June 2013, Madonna made $125 million US, mainly bolstered by a tour to accompany the launch of her newest album, MDNA. The tour visited 67 cities for 88 performances, raking in more than $300 million and making it the highest-grossing concert tour of 2012. “Madonnas success, at age 55, just goes to show the incredible power of a successful music career,” said Forbes, adding that the Queen of Pop made more in the last year than any single year since the magazine began compiling its Celebrity 100 lists in 1999. Forbes estimated celebrities’ earnings by speaking to agents, managers, producers “and other in-the-know folks” to compile the list. Spielberg, Stern and Simon also rank Film director Steven Spielberg ranked second with $100 million. Royalties from DVD sales and Universal theme park ticket sales earn him millions with his extensive back library alone. Forbes reports that last year’s critical hit Lincoln earned $275 million on a budget of $65 million. Television producer Simon Cowell, 50 Shades of Grey author E.L. James and radio personality Howard Stern tied for third with $95 million each. Singer Lady Gaga, who has been compared with Madonna in the past, earned $80 million, placing her in the Top 10. But Gaga ranked first in Forbes’ Celebrity 100 Power list, followed by Beyonce at second and Madonna at third.

Roger Mason Darling had put a shot on goal that rebounded to Jolliffe who was able to convert for the game-winner. “We were extremely happy to come away with the win in a very physical game,” said Lumumba Shabazz, Kalamazoo College’s head coach. Neither team was able to score in the first half and Madonna struck first in the second half with a goal in the 65th minute (64:50). Kalamazoo responded just 26 seconds later (65:16) when Darling found the back of the net (Kyle Hernandez assist). “We responded very well after giving up that first goal, and we stayed pretty well disciplined through the second overtime,” said Shabazz. The score remained tied 1-1 at the end of regulation despite a combined total of 32 shot attempts by the two teams. Neither team scored in the first 10 minute overtime on four combined shots. Madonna outshot Kalamazoo 23-17 overall, including 11-9 on goal. Beau Prey made two saves in goal in the first half. Kellon Johnston Roper made eight saves in the second half and through overtime. “We made the change in goal at halftime and Kellon did what we expected him to do,” said Shabazz.

Madonna Tops Forbes’ 2013 Highest-Paid Celebrities List

which has put her at the top of Forbes’ 2013 list: The Highest-Paid Celebrities. Despite selling less than 1 million copies of MDNA, the pop icon earned $125 million between June 2012 and June 2013 to put her atop the list.How? Through the tour coinciding with the album, though most likely attended to see her performance classics like “Vogue,” “Like a Virgin” and “Lucky Star” rather than new material. Overall, the tour itself grossed $305 million and earned her the Top Touring Award at the Billboard Music Awards. That, in addition to merch sales, a clothing line, fragrance and investments in companies like Vita Coco helped her top the latest Forbes list. Behind Madonna with $25 million less is director/film producer Steven Spielberg. He earned an estimated $100 million, mostly from his extensive film library, which includes E.T. and Jurassic Park. In a tie for third is author E.L. James, Howard Stern and Simon Cowell — all earning around $95 million each. Forbes compiled the list by talking to agents, managers, producers and others in-the-know to come up with their estimates. Check out the full list over at .

Literally no one has ever done that before, and perhaps no one will ever do it again. So, while Madonnas actual accomplishments are too much for the modern human to even contemplate, it would be nice to have her biceps at some point in my life. In that spirit, I decided to attempt Madonnas apparently draconian fitness and nutritional regimes. There is no time like the present to do something truly ambitious with your life. Preparation: Madonna follows a very strict macrobiotic diet that abolishes the consumption of wheat, eggs, meats, and dairy, and extolls the benefits of something called sea vegetables. You were expecting this woman to mess around? She does not mess around. In order to follow Madonnas actual diet as closely as possible, I buy a cookbook written by Madonnas former private chef Mayumi Nishimura (who now is a sort of public apostle of macrobiotic living ). It is appropriately titled Mayumis Kitchen and details various macrobiotic meals she used to serve Madonna and Madonnas starving passel of backup dancers. Madonna wrote the foreward to the book. I am going to follow Mayumis 10 Day Detox Diet. I hope it wont kill me. Some of the recipes, like Tofu Tartar Sauce and Sauerkraut With Thyme, sound a little suspect. I plan to do some of the recipes out of order for this reason. I want to save the sauerkraut until the bitter end, for example. I also purchase Madonnas series of workout DVDs , as one cannot be the Queen of Pop without a punishing fitness regime. I am a little worried, because Madge is in such good shape.

How Madonna used controversy, MTV and a talent for reinvention to craft one of the most successful careers in music history

“Madonna used her sexuality to draw attention to herself and her music,” says BGSU’s Donahue. “There’s a lot of talk about Miley Cyrus’ antics, but clearly, Madonna was an innovator in that regard of using an overtly sexualized persona to gain attention.” Unlike Miley, though, it has always been clear that Madonna is the one in charge in her videos. If she was being objectified, it was at her own hand. When interviewed on “Nightline” in 1990 about whether the “Justify My Love” video degraded woman, she responded with a forceful, “But I chained myself! I’m in charge.” As Paglia wrote, “Madonna has taught young women to be fully female and sexual while still exercising total control over their lives.” Perhaps nowhere was Madonna more provocative and sexualized than on her 1989 album “Like a Prayer,” whish was laden with Catholic imagery, including bleeding stigmata and burning crosses for the video of the same name. Though the song and album hit No. 1, it inspired strong protest by Catholic and other religious groups. Madonna used the occasion to speak out against what she felt was an oppressive Catholic upbringing. But it’s not just provocation that has kept Madonna in the limelight for three decades. It’s the chameleon-like star’s ability to constantly reinvent herself, from the ’80s pop of “Like A Virgin” and “Like A Prayer” to the gay-club house music of 1990’s “Vogue,” the ambient electronica of 1998’s “Ray of Light” and the urban pop of 2008’s “Hard Candy.” “With every album she’s come up with, she changes her image,” says Donahue. “But where many artists fail with this, she has been able to maintain pop notoriety though this constant change…she brings in new, relevant producers who are tweaking her sound and giving her a 21st-century style.” Those producers are among the most prominent of their eras, from Jellybean Benitez (“Madonna”) and Nile Rodgers (“Like a Virgin”) to Orbit (“Ray of Light”) and Mirwais (“Music”). Such constant reinvention could be seen as a sign of shallowness or insincerity, but art historian and author Jasmina Tesanovic said that’s not the case with Madonna. “Her changes are well-calculated in order to be ahead of the curve, of the game, to dictate the fashion, to be a trendsetter.