Kendra Wilkinson: I Had No Idea Holly Madison Got Married

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show The Girls Next Door for five years together, and shared the same boyfriend, Hugh Hefner, these girls dont exactly keep in touch. asked Kendra about Hollys wedding and she had no clue it had even happened! Kendra Wilkinson is one honest woman! The star of WE tvs, Kendra On Top, stopped by to talk about the season two premiere of her show and she was shocked when we told her that Holly Madison, her former playmate co-star, had tied the knot. Kendra Wilkinson Shocked Holly Madison Got Married Kendra could have pretended like she knew what we were talking about, but instead the straight shooter admitted that not only was she not invited to Hollys wedding, she had no idea she got married two days ago in Disneyland. Really? Oh my God! she said stunned. I didnt even know that! Which lead to our next question: do she keep in touch with Holly and Bridget Marquardt? No, no she admitted. But Hef is the one I will forever be friends with and love. Holly married Pasquale Rotella, the father of her six-month-old daughter Rainbow Aurora, after only announcing their engagement in March. In Kendras defense, she has had a nonstop past year! Not only is her adorable son Hank Baskett Jr., three-years-old, she starred on the ABC reality competition show, Splash, and shes been filming Kendra On Top, which premieres Sept.

Kendra Wilkinson Breaks Down on Celebrity Wife Swap, Husband Hank Baskett Battles With Kate Gosselin

Kendra Wilkinson

there was [some] drama!” Wilkinson told Us. “Anybody that talks crap about me, man, he’ll make sure that they know how he feels about that! He’ll go off! That’s when you see the bad side of Hank!” Kendra Wilkinson “We’re complete polar opposites,” the former Playboy model said. “She believes that pretty much one minute away from your kids is something you’ll regret. I believe the opposite, that you sometimes have to spend time away from your kids to be happy.” PHOTOS: Kendra’s maternity style Though Wilkinson’s husband ultimately told his wife he didn’t want her to change, she concedes that Gosselin made some valid points. “She said you only get this moment once with your kid — this time, this age,” she recalled. “I have a nanny and stuff like that and she doesn’t really have a lot of help. She said, ‘Don’t let anyone take your moments from you’ — and she was 100 percent right. But I still believe in having a social life! I do!” Kendra Wilkinson And the pairs have, against all odds, remained close after filming the show. “The time we had on Wife Swap will probably stick with us forever. After the show ended, we didn’t just fly back and go to our homes and never speak again. Kate invited us over to her house and we had lunch with them and got to spend some time with them,” Wilkinson tells Us.