Kendra Wilkinson Breaks Down On Celebrity Wife Swap, Husband Hank Baskett Battles With Kate Gosselin

The Kendra star, 27, quit ABC’s celebrity diving show Splash after climbing down from the diving board’s 23-foot platform. With tears in her eyes, Wilkinson apologized for her early departure from the competition, calling it “bittersweet.” “One thing I don’t do is quit. This is the first time in my life I’ve quit something. This will haunt me for the rest of my life,” she explained. On Wednesday, Wilkinson thanked fans for their support via Twitter . “Thank u to all those who supported me last night. Means a lot you stuck by my side. Today’s a new day and I’m still proud. #Shutuphaters,” she wrote. The reality star’s exit comes after a squabble with her coach Greg Louganis . RELATED: Kendra Wilkinson: Being On Splash Meant ‘Risking My Life’ “What the [expletive] do you think you’re telling me right now? That I don’t have a [expletive] fear of heights?” Wilkinson shouted at Louganis after he called her diving anxiety “an act.” “I’m sick of you picking on me, Greg a I’m working on me, not you. Tell America right now that my fear of heights is an act.” I have no disappointment in myself. I did what I could n that was that. Diving is just not my thing n I found that out throughout the show.

Kendra Wilkinson

It was a monumental achievement last week when she took inspiration from her son and actually jumped off the diving board. This week, host Joey Lawrence had to rush up the stairs as she started heading down. “I wish I could do it for everybody,” Kendra said. “Im so sorry. Im so sorry everybody.” She went a little deeper into what she was going through with E!Online. She said, “I start spinning, I start wanting to throw up, I’m shaking, my fingers wiggle — It’s like a real thing, when my fingers wiggle. That’s, like, a truth.” Kendra said it was the first thing she’d ever quit in her life. Doing so was a likely saving grace for the team of Louie Anderson and Kareem Abdul Jabbar , who were at the bottom of the pack in points. The seven remaining contestants live to dive again on “Splash,” Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. TV Replay scours the vast television landscape to find the most interesting, amusing, and, on a good day, amazing moments, and delivers them right to your browser. Related on HuffPost: Loading Slideshow “666 Park Avenue” “666 Park Ave.,” ABC Status: Canceled Why: ABC pulled the plug on this supernatural drama earlier in the season. “The Bachelor” “The Bachelor,” ABC Status: Renewed Why: While ratings may have dropped, “The Bachelor” will likely see another season on ABC as tabloids and viewers still care about the comings and goings of contestants. “Body of Proof” “Body of Proof,” ABC Status: Canceled Why: ABC is keen on this Dana Delany drama, but the ratings for the show’s third season couldn’t save it.

Kendra Wilkinson Too Scared To Dive On ‘Splash’ (VIDEO)

FOX411: Not for cooking, for sex. Wilkinson: Yes! FOX411: Did you tell the contractor? Wilkinson: Of course. He totally understood. FOX411: Are you nervous to explain your past to little Hank? Wilkinson: Not at all. I think its better to have an open relationship with your kids rather than not to. Im not a bad person. I just tell my story. Im a good person. I mean well. I make sure my family is my number one priority. Its good to be open with your kids.

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. . there was [some] drama!” Wilkinson told Us. “Anybody that talks crap about me, man, he’ll make sure that they know how he feels about that! He’ll go off! That’s when you see the bad side of Hank!” Kendra Wilkinson “We’re complete polar opposites,” the former Playboy model said. “She believes that pretty much one minute away from your kids is something you’ll regret. I believe the opposite, that you sometimes have to spend time away from your kids to be happy.” PHOTOS: Kendra’s maternity style Though Wilkinson’s husband ultimately told his wife he didn’t want her to change, she concedes that Gosselin made some valid points. “She said you only get this moment once with your kid — this time, this age,” she recalled. “I have a nanny and stuff like that and she doesn’t really have a lot of help. She said, ‘Don’t let anyone take your moments from you’ — and she was 100 percent right. But I still believe in having a social life! I do!” Kendra Wilkinson And the pairs have, against all odds, remained close after filming the show. “The time we had on Wife Swap will probably stick with us forever. After the show ended, we didn’t just fly back and go to our homes and never speak again.