Katy Perry’s ‘roar’ Tops Robin Thicke’s ‘blurred Lines’ On Billboard Hot 100, Becoming Singer’s 8th No. 1 Hit

Movies Katy Perry Heads Into the Jungle for ‘Roar’ (Video) Like Stephanie Chan September 5, 2013 1:00 AM Katy Perry is going into the wild. Making its official debut Sept. 5, the “Roar” music video takes Perry to the jungle where she is stranded with her safari-dressed boyfriend after their plane crashes. The pop star is left feeling even more vulnerable when her other half is mauled by a tiger when they try to navigate through the dense forest at night. PHOTOS:Katy Perry: Pop’s Candy-Colored Princess Gets Serious But in the spirit of “Roar,” she manages to acclimate nicely in the wild as she swings across the trees like Jane from Tarzan, befriends a monkey named Ripley, which she shared in a teaser , and other wild animals. Perry shows she’s the queen of the jungle as she out-roars a wild tiger. The feline is later seen wearing a necklace that reads, “kitty purry.” With an eye of tiger, Perry’s “Roar” also hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Thursday, making this her eighth single to top that list. On Sept. 6, the “Teenage Dream” singer will appear on Good Morning America to reveal the cover for her upcoming album, PRISM, on the Times Square jumbotrons. Perry will also be making a special announcement during her appearance. Watch Perry’s official “Roar” music video below.

But there’s always room for something new as well: On “Come Walk With Me,” MIA spends half the track sing-songing her way through anti-party messages before flipping the record on its head with a thumping beat. Always fun, right? Elvis Costello & The Roots – Wise Up Ghost – Sept. 17 The Roots don’t really do collaboration albums that aren’t worth at least one listen. Last year’s “Wake Up!” saw Questlove’s band teaming up with John Legend for a memorable outing, and Costello’s voice seems like a wonderful foil for the Roots’ funky jam-band sensibilities. Kaskade – Atmosphere – Sept. 10 Dance music’s enduring nice guy sings (for the first time) on his upcoming album’s lead single, a bad idea that paid off shockingly well. In theory, DJing for millions of people over tens of years should endow Kaskade (born Ryan Raddon) with some insight into what it takes to make effective dance music, and his recent albums haven’t disappointed. It’s worth noting, as well, that Raddon took to Twitter to implore fans to consider not doing drugs in the wake of a string of deaths at dance music events. His reasoning was a refreshing burst of sincerity in a party-driven scene. (Raddon himself is sober.) Arcade Fire – TBD – Oct. 29 It’s hard to know what’s really coming out of the Arcade Fire camp, especially since James Murphy — the producer who first said he wasn’t involved — hasn’t had much to say except that everyone in the group got along well during the creative process. Time will tell. Jack Johnson – From Here to Now to You – Sept. 17 Johnson dragged himself off a surf board for long enough to record his sixth studio album.