Justin Who? Selena Gomez Performs Racy Show In Italy… As She’s Linked To Union J’s George Shelley

Are Union J Singer George Shelley + Selena Gomez Dating? [VIDEO]

Just like her, there are a handful of celebrities who accidentally showed a little more skin than expected. Christina Milian: Milian forgot to put on her bra during the dance rehearsals of ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Dance partner of Mark Ballas walked out in a grey onesie with her nipples poking out. Milian walked out laughing without any regrets. Lady Gaga: Like an everyday affair Lady Gaga showed her boobs through a sheer leaotard on Monday (Labour Day Holiday). The pop star walked down the Camden High Street in a pair of sky high heels and her front showing through her white dress. Gaga has gone naked so many times that very little is left to our imagination as far her assets are concerned. Miley Cyrus: Now that Cyrus has broken up with Liam Hemsworth, she has more reasons to walk out panty less and bra less in public. The controversial star walked out commando in the London to grab attention of the shutterbugs. ‘Wrecking Ball’ star was seen in a weird sheer black pants which had baggy cut on one side and skin fit style on one side. Miley looked everything, but classy. Rihanna: Veteran in the field of wardrobe malfunctions, Rihanna showed her pierced nipples through a sheer white tank top .RiRi is no stranger in showing her bust to the world. Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend also showed her areolas in Sweden and for the recent spread of GQ. It seems Rihanna goes by the age old adage if you have it flaunt it. Photo:twitter/hannahJade135/sonalee selena gomez billboard 2011 awards selena gomez billboard 2011 awards Photo:mikeylately/tumblr/Ambika Thakur Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus Covers Harper’s Bazaar Miley Cyrus Covers Harper’s Bazaar Photo:FB/The Andy Cohen Fan Page/FloydA Lady Gaga and Andy Cohen Lady Gaga reveals lesbian love at Andy Cohen’s Show.

Selena Gomez Shows Nude Underwear in Madrid [PHOTO]

[PHOTOS] Start Selena Gomez and Union J’s George Shelley Alleged One Night Stand: How True Are the Rumours? [PHOTOS] The “Come & Get It” singer is under fire for an alleged hook up with Union J’s singer, George Shelley. Reports claim that Selena and George had enjoyed a one night stand at their stay in Lisbon. Exactly how true are the rumours? Despite being busy with her “Stars Dance” tour, Selena Gomez is entangled in another messy and not to mention incredibly false rumour. According to a report by the UK Sun, Selena had invited the boys of Union J over at her hotel room in Lisbon. “Selena and George were all over each other and things got very heated. Everyone else left the room at 2am so they were able to spend the night together,” claimed the source. The report goes on to add that Shelley even missed the bands’ flight back to London given his tryst with Gomez. Yet, rather than being annoyed, the other member of Union J were said to be supportive and understanding of George Shelley’s situation. “Nobody was annoyed with George. After all, he’s being pursued by one of the biggest pop stars in the world – it’s any lad’s dream come true,” added the source. For one, Selena Gomez was nowhere near Lisbon when the boys of Union J were said to be there.

Selena Gomez and Union J’s George Shelley Alleged One Night Stand: How True Are the Rumours? [PHOTOS]

‘Everyone else left the room at 2 a.m. so they were able to spend the night together,’ a source told the publication. Belting it out: The Come And Get It singer showed off her vocal power Giving them a treat: Gomez appeared to offer her fans a truly heartfelt performance The insider went on to reveal that Shelley actually missed his return flight the following morning with his bandmates. But the source claims: ‘Nobody was annoyed with George. After all, he’s been pursued by one of the biggest pop stars in the world,’ Adding: ‘It’s any lad’s dream come true.’ Eager beavers: Gomez’s adoring public could not wait to catch a glimpse of their idol in person Bringing it down: The Stars Dance hitmaker got sultry And in August George told The Mirror of his planned trip to Portugal to hook up with Selena. The adorable pop sensation said at the time he had a ‘beach bonfire’ date in mind for the Come And Get It singer. Meanwhile, in June the in-demand star publicly flirted with Shelley in a pre-taped appearance on CBBCs Download. Cooing: The former Disney princess let her mane fly out wildly onstage Come and get it: Selena was clearly caught in the moment as she sang with her eyes closed Dance number: The singer stepped through her number in a pair of stiletto boots ‘I was in London for a bit and Im actually really bummed I missed you,’ Selena said addressing the Brit. ‘So next time, maybe give me a call?’ The alleged romance comes after Selena finally called it quits on her two year on/off relationship with mega star Justin Bieber. Speaking to the New York Daily News, Selena recently admitted she finds it hard to ignore the constant rumours and speculation surrounding her private life – especially when it regards Bieber. The boys: Union J’s Jamie Hamblett, Josh Cuthbert, Shelley and James Hensley pictured in Liverpool in July It does get to me, she said. I’m a human and I feel those emotions of when people talk about you. It’s never a good feeling cause half the time it’s just bull, it’s not real. In the real world I’ll drive my car to the grocery store and buy myself some food. In the media world it’s like, ‘Oohhh, I drive my car to go somewhere secretive.’ It gets too clouded so I just have good people around me. I’m very picky, she revealed. The hardest part (is) just trying to find someone that will just love the core person and not anything else around it. Former flames: Selena pictured with ex Justin Bieber at the Teen Choice Awards in 2012 Meanwhile, the superstar is heading to cities all across Europe on her Stars Dance tour and will then return back to the USA in October.

Whitby / Jason Merritt, Getty Images It seems like almost every male pop star on the planet has been linked to Selena Gomez . First Justin Bieber himself dated the Getaway actress, then there were whispers of a dalliance with Niall Horan of One Direction , then Ed Sheeran was rumored to be hooking up with his tourmate Taylor Swift s BFF, then Austin Mahone had stories circulating about his involvement with Gomez phew! And now we can add another boy bander to the list of untrue romances. George Shelley, 20, of British boy band Union J has quite the crush on the brunette beauty, 21, and theyve flirted back and forth quite a bit but theres nothing going on just yet. Back in June, Gomez left a video message for the singer: Since then, Shelleys been all about SelGo. Selenas one of those massive celebrities who doesnt even know you exist, so I was gob-smacked, the Harry Styles -doppleganger said of the video. I thought it was a lookalike at first. I could feel my cheeks going red and the lads laughed at me! When Gomez invited the band to perform with her in Portugal, rumor has it the group and Gomez had a private party afterwards and then Shelley reportedly got an extra private party with just Gomez. Everyone else left the room at 2AM so they were able to spend the night together, a source told the Sun (via the New York Daily News ). Nobody was annoyed with George. After all, hes been pursued by one of the biggest pop stars in the world its any lads dream come true! Except, well, it never came true. Shelleys bandmate JJ Hamblett explained , They are just friends. Its not our place to discuss but they are friends and, obviously, George will say what he wants to say about the situation.