Justin Bieber Appears In A New Music Video For His Protégé Madison Beer!

Justin Bieber sparks ‘Batman vs. Superman’ casting rumors with script selfie

Posted 9/12/13 5:00 pm EST by John Walker in Celebrity , Music , Videos What can Bieber say? Madison’s got moxie! Young up-and-comer Madison Beer ‘s got such a Millennial Cinderella story: She was once just a regular teen with a YouTube account, and then Justin Bieber plucked her from obscurity by tweeting a link to one of the aspiring singer’s videos . Soon, Madison signed with the Biebs’ manager, Scooter Braun, and now she’s got a video of her very own! And hey, “Melodies” even features a cameo from Bieber at the beginning! Full circle, y’all, full circle. Watch Madison Beer’s “Melodies” video featuring a cameo from Justin Bieber after the jump. The clip opens with Justin watching one of Madison’s YouTube videos with his longtime pal Ryan Butler (who you may recognize from the Bieber’s epic segway photo ), soon declaring: “She’s gonna be a star. Trust me.” The “Wait For A Minute” crooner then signs and sends a pair of his signature purple Beats headphones Madison’s way. He sends us nothing. Upon wearing those autographed headphones, Madison starts dancing in the streets and gets lost in her own little musical world, totally unaware that a sizable crowd of kids have begun to follow her Pied Piper-style. It’s only when her hometown’s resident hunk channels his inner Ryan Gosling and is all “Hey, girl, take your headphones off” that she realizes what’s even going on around her. Like all good things, Madison’s video ends with confetti, but we can’t wait to see where she continues with her career next.

Is Bieber auditioning for the role of Robin in Batman Vs. Superman? Justin shares snap of a script with his name on it

Goofing around: Biebs stuck out his tongue as he played basketball with pals

On Friday, the Canadian crooner posted a photo of his very own copy of the Batman Vs. Superman script. Scroll down for video His big break?! Justin Bieber posted a photo of a Batman Vs. Superman script with the caption ‘#robin??’ on Friday In the Instagram snap, the Baby hitmaker is holding up the personalised script, printed with ‘Bieber’ across the front. A fan of taking photos of himself, he also made sure to capture his reflection in the mirror as he used his smartphone to take the shot. With a caption of ‘#robin??,’ the YouTube sensation left fans wondering whether he may be auditioning for the upcoming role in Henry Cavill’s sequel to Man Of Steel. Trickster? The star also paid a visit to the Funny Or Die studios in Hollywood, California Batman Vs. Superman is currently in the works, with Ben Affleck taking on the powerful role of the Dark Knight himself. Yet, Bieber could have just been playing a trick on his social media followers. Because earlier in the day, the pop star was seen arriving at the studio to film Funny Or Die with Lil Za and Lil Twist. Goofing around: Biebs stuck out his tongue as he played basketball with pals ‘Off to do something funny or…die :),’ Biebs tweeted. Dressed down, the Believe singer was seen sporting a grey T-shirt, white tank top, and baggy trousers, adding some hip hop flair with a pair of bright red kicks.

Superman’ casting rumors with script selfie The pop singer teased a possible role in the new superhero flick with the caption “#robin ??” By Margaret Eby / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, September 14, 2013, 12:28 PM Justin Bieber posted a copy of the ‘Batman vs. Superman’ script with the caption ‘#robin ??’ Is it beliebable? Justin Bieber sparked a frenzy of casting rumors when he posted a photo of himself holding the script to the upcoming “Man of Steel” sequel “Batman vs. Superman.” RELATED: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: I WANT TO PLAY THE RIDDLER! The 20-year-old pop star captioned the picture with “#robin ??” indicating that he might be up for the role of the caped crusader’s sidekick. The script features a “Bieber” watermark, so it was clearly intended for the “Baby” singer. But Bieber could be up for a smaller part in the film. Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images American actors Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Burt Ward as Dick Grayson/Robin in the TV series ‘Batman’, circa 1966. If cast as Robin, Bieber will play alongside Ben Affleck. RELATED: BATMAN RESCUED! BROLIN, WELLING COME TO AFFLECK’S DEFENSE A source cast doubt on the authenticity of the script in the photo. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, it could be part of an upcoming “Funny or Die” sketch. Or maybe Bieber is a secret superfan.

And his cameo in Madison Beer’s new music video “Melodies” is no exception: She is his protege after all! The story began last summer when the 19-year-old pop star noticed her talent and posted a YouTube video of Beer’s singing Etta James’ “At Last” to his Twitter page. Her response to the Biebs? “OMGOGMFHAHDBSBAWHEBSBSHHWEHHDXHSHHAFBBAGEEHYBT I CANT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING. I AM CRYING.” And now, just a year later, Beer is being represented by Biebs manager Scooter Braun and making her big music video debut. With some help from Justin, of course. The video begins with Bieber sitting with his pal Ryan Butler listening to the pop tune. “You hear that Ryan? That’s a smash,” Bieber says. “She’s gonna be a star, trust me.” “I think I love her, bro,” Ryan tells Biebs. PICS: Bieber’s Instagrams The two laugh share a laugh and Bieber says “watch this.” The megastar then signs a note and puts a set of headphones in a red box with a purple bow. Cut to the smiling and adorable Beer’s opening the gift. And with her lucky gift from the Biebs, she is ready to start singing her song!