Code Pink Has A Morale Problem: It’s Called Democrats

We lost a lot of people who didnt like us criticizing Obama . But we still got our feistiness, Ms. Benjamin told The Washington Times as she waited outside Wednesdays House hearing, where administration officials made the case for striking Syria . Ms. Benjamin and fellow Code Pink members arrived to stand in line outside the House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting room just before 10 a.m., securing a spot that allowed them to take prime seats behind Secretary of State John F. Kerry . During the testimony, some of the groups members held up their hands with their palms colored red, symbolizing that the blood of Syrians would be on Americas hands if it gets involved in the civil war, Ms. Benjamin said. Another protester had pink tape across her mouth. A day earlier, Ms. Benjamin was arrested for protesting in the middle of the Senate s hearing on Syria , yelling We dont want another war as she was escorted out. She said she expected better of President Obama and that it feels terrible to have to protest against a member of the Democratic Party . It feels surreal, she said. It seems like this country is so topsy-turvy when you have Code Pink and Rand Paul on the same side of foreign policy issues. Another group member waiting for the hearing said the conflict goes beyond party lines and the Democrats are now just as bad as Republicans. When I first moved to this country in 2008, I was very excited to see Barack Obama , said Noor Mir, who is originally from Pakistan.

Dan Pink: Swimming in an ‘Ocean of Rejection’

Well forget that! Author Dan Pink says were all in sales. Pink, the author of To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others, says even if you dont realize it, youre selling. You may not be standing at a cash register or standing on a car lot, but youre selling. Every time you want a job, or pitch a new project, or if youre an entrepreneur trying to get investors, youre selling. You do it every time you stand before the board of directors and every time you try to get your kids to clean up their room or do their homework. Pink calls it non-sales selling. Todays type of selling Pink told “Off the Cuff”, is not about making money. Instead he says we seek rewards of time, attention, effort, energy and commitment. Read More: American Workers Are at a Breaking Point Pink, a former speech writer for Al Gore is recognized as a rethinker an expert on our ever-changing world of how we work and how we live. Drawing upon a wealth of social science findings for his counterintuitive insights, he wants us to rethink what we believe about sales. There’s a widespread belief that extroverts make better salespeople. It’s almost an axiom of business. Extroverts are more likely to go into sales. Extroverts are more likely to get hired in sales jobs.