Celebrity Big Brother: Could Courtney Stodden Leave Doug Hutchison?

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For the first time in her two years of marriage, Courtney is experiencing the ins and outs of a long-distance relationship and she doesnt particularly enjoy this setup! But Courtneys issues have less to do with missing Doug and more to do with enjoying life away from the hubby. Earlier this week, Courtney was heard telling her new pal Lauren Harries that she was worried that she was starting to become a little too dependent as a result of her extended separation from Doug. She explained that she didnt want to leave this house feeling so strong and independent that I cant depend on [Doug] anymore. Of course, Doug Hutchison is none too happy to hear of his wifes new-found independence. An insider tells theDaily Mail, Doug is freaking out! He is worried Courtney is over him after what she saidIt seems the Big Brother house has opened her eyes to the big wide world and she knows she has a good chance of making it as a star in her own right now she has survived the public vote again. Do you think its over for Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison? Sound off in the comments section below! Want more? Follow our tweets on Twitter and like us on Facebook! . Click here for more information about Big Brother .

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Day 17 highlights and recap

Carol apologises to Lauren for saying she had a boyish figure. She said it was an unfortunate use of language and sometimes she forgets Laurens situation. Louie is talks to Vicky about the house dynamics becoming more like a dysfunctional family as the numbers decrease. In part of BBFM Vanessa Feltz interviews the housemates, Carol tells her that she is corrupted by Charlotte and goaded by Louie. Mario defends Charlotte from the publics comments saying that she is the light that gets you through your time in the house. Louie tells Vanessa that it is an emotional rollercoaster in the house; he is in there for the money and to raise his profile. Abz talks to Courtney in the kitchen, he thinks he is boring everybody because he is in a robe everyday watering plants. Courtney says they are both homebodies. Courtney tells Lauren that she is now obsessed with Abz as before she didnt realise that he was in the house but now there are less people she notices him more. Lauren and Courtney spend time with Abz in the garden talking about nature and life. Abz picks up a moth and then hands it to Lauren. They are all fascinated by its movements.