Carrie Underwood Falls Onstage During Texas Concert, Pulls It Off (video)

An Instagram video from the concert shows Underwood’s plunge, after which she simply plops down and continues to sing. In typical Underwood fashion, she had no qualms about the incident. The singer took to Twitter to poke fun at herself after the concert. Hey, remember that time in Corpus Christi when that girl busted her butt on stage?! Hilarious! Oh wait, that was me! #5inchheels #klutz Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) September 6, 2013 I can’t move my toes. Is that bad? Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) September 6, 2013 Good news, it’s not broken…AND I got some new footwear! Carrie Underwood (@carrieunderwood) September 6, 2013 Loading Slideshow

Fashionistas love the Janelle Monae concert and the gladiator heels at Rebecca Minkoff show

BEIJING, CHINA - SEPTEMBER 06:  A Chinese reporter stands the waterfront to see a 18 meters high rubber duck at Beijing Garden Expo Park on September 6, 2013 in Beijing, China. After touring 13 cities in 10 countries, a gaint rubber duck designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman will float first at Beijing Garden Expo Park and then at the Summer Palace from September to October in Beijing.  (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas Minkoff, a designer especially popular with younger women, has long used live music at her runway shows. This time, though, she partnered with American Express as part of their American Express Unstaged program, which pairs artists and makes their collaborations available through digital media. The runway show with Monae was live streamed, as was another mini-concert afterward in a private room nearby in the Lincoln Center tents, where Monae performed songs from her new album, The Electric Lady, to be released next week. Both designer and singer sounded thrilled with the collaboration. I respect her eye for structure and detail, Monae said in a post-show interview of Minkoffs collection. And oh my God, the shoes were incredible. I almost forgot the words to my song when I was looking at them on the runway. She was referring to Minkoffs patterned, knee-high gladiator heels, popping with colors like red and pink, and also her ankle boots with multi-colored tassels. The creations also earned plaudits from another celebrity in attendance: Kelly Osbourne. Are those just the sickest things EVER? exulted Osbourne in an interview, pointing to the tasseled ankle boots that Minkoff herself was sporting. Id love to wear them. My legs arent skinny enough for the gladiators, but I could wear those. Monae, her hair in its signature pompadour style, was dressed not in Minkoffs creations, but in her usual color palette of black and white this time, a white top and riding pants, with black suspenders and black boots.

35K expected at Mumford & Sons concert in Okla.

stops in the Gentlemen of the Road concert series. In addition to the folk rock band, other performers include Alabama Shakes, indie folk band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and English indie rock band The Vaccines. The main performances are taking place just a few blocks from historic downtown Guthrie, in an area called Cottonwood Flats. Thousands of concert-goers are expected to spend the weekend camping out in tents nearby. Other performances and a festival are taking place in downtown Guthrie. Roads have been closed and British flags and signs welcoming concert-goers are draped all over the community. Local hotels have been booked for months and other communities are expected to see an overflow, said Guthrie City Manager Sereniah Breland . Thousands of campers have been registered as well. Breland said concert tickets have been sold in nearly every state and a handful of other countries. The two-day event is expected to contribute $300,000 in sales tax revenue for the town. So why was Guthrie selected for a stop? Don Sullivan , vice president of concert promoter Jam Productions, said Mumford & Sons was interested in trying to do something in Oklahoma. Looking at Google Maps, the concert promoters discovered that Guthrie, with a population of 10,000 people, looked similar to previous concert stops last year. The promoters and the band’s U.S.

Concert preview: Composer Carl Nielsen’s symphonies ‘an unexpected pleasure’

While a contemporary of Mahler and Sibelius with a blazing individuality to his works, Nielsen is not a well-known composer and has no firm place in the international repertory. He is a somewhat marginal figure in the history of classical music, though he is seen as a vital precursor to classical modernism. Fischer is puzzled that Nielsen is not more widely recognized as his masterful compositions would otherwise indicate and is hard-pressed to explain why his works remain a tough sell. He hasnt had his time because, for one reason, name conductors havent programmed his compositions on a regular basis in concert seasons, Fischer said. Other than that, I cannot give you a rational explanation. I can only say that as a conductor, I have a strong conviction because I love all six symphonies so much that if audiences forget that they dont know the composer, they, too, will love his music. Biographer Daniel M. Grimley wrote that Nielsens is one of the most playful, life-affirming and awkward voices in 20 th-century music. His work resists easy stylistic categorization or containment, yet its melodic richness and harmonic vitality are immediately appealing and engaging. This bold, idiosyncratic style pleases the conductor, and he is anticipating an enthusiastic embrace from Utah Symphony concertgoers and a recognition that Nielsen is one of the distinctive geniuses of latter-day symphonic writing. If with the orchestra I can bring an unexpected pleasure, thats something I very much look for, Fischer said. And I do trust, with the genius of this composer, this unexpected pleasure will arrive each of the six times when Nielsens six symphonies are performed. Nielsen is ubiquitous in his homeland, where he holds the place of national composer and beloved musical hero. His songs are an integral part of the countrys national heritage. Utahn Mogens Mogensen is also Danish-born and, like Fischer, has a strong interest in Nielsens body of works. Carl Nielsen grew up in a musical family. I personally grew up in a very structured family, where music was a main part of family home, Mogensen said.